Merchant Program

Why Merchants Should Accept CULIANCE ATM Cards for Purchases:
There are millions of CULIANCE cardholders who buy what merchants are selling.

Merchants will also enjoy these other benefits of PIN-based online debit transactions.

  • Guaranteed payments, each and every time a CULIANCE card is used and approved.
  • PIN-based debit is the least expensive form of payment merchants can accept – less expensive than cash, check, signature-based debit or other regional and national POS networks. Merchants will save money on these online debit transactions while still providing customer convenience.
  • Issuer stand-in and mandatory POS limits required from each financial institution.
  • Decrease the need to pay by check, with the result that lines move more quickly and merchants have fewer check-related issues, such as fraud and insufficient funds.
  • Merchants may choose to offer a cash-back feature and reduce the consumer’s need to go elsewhere.
  • Increase the types of cards merchants accept! Once merchants have PIN pads, merchants can accept other ATM/Debit cards, EBT cards and prepaid industry cards.

A PIN makes it happen.
To make sure merchants are receiving the benefits of online debit transactions, ask customers to enter their PIN (Personal Identification Number) for CULIANCE transactions. Using the PIN for verification ensures that this is an “online” debit transaction. If merchant customers use their signatures instead of a PIN, their transactions are not “online” and merchants do not enjoy the same benefits.

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